Kid's Fair 2018!

On Saturday May 19th we gathered at the Thirsty Monk warehouse and put on the best Kid Fair to date, of course it was only the 2nd one.  After weeks of nothing but rainy days, the clouds parted and the sun shown bright.  We had close to 200 new faces who came together as a community, learned of new local companies, shared food and drink, played, danced, learned to build, knit, hammer, climb and craft. 

The craft booth and slime making booth did not let up all day. The kids couldn't believe the crafts were free! The slime booth was run by our very own TNCA graduate, Livy Anchel. She is not only a high school student, but also a successful ETSY shop owner of a highly popular slime shop.  Thomas Stern came with his new start up company called Kid Seed Co. and not only brought beautiful flowers and plant starters but also took to time to plant sunflower and pumpkin seeds with kids of all ages. Of course our fair can't go on with one of our sweetest couples, Pablo and Maria Averza who bring along both the music and the face painting. It is not surprising that Ms. Kara stepped it up with the most popular booth, hammering. The kids loved pounding away but by the end of the day I think Ms. Kara's head was the only thing pounding. 


The bounce house was a very popular place for the kindergarten kids while the middle school kids couldn't get enough of the Zorb Balls. The OSEGA Bus was full all day with both preschool aged kids as well as older kids and the band rocked on.  It was really neat to see our very own 8th grader, Cameron Stewart, play with his Asheville Music School band.  

Putting on a large event like this fair was no easy task and could not have been done without the  help from all our wonderful families and staff. There was one moment where I paused, looked around at the sea of happy faces and joyful children and thought to myself, how lucky am I that I get to create days like this! I know I can't wait until next year as we wrap up the 2018 fair and school year all at once. 

Jane Cross