Activities & Homework

Afternoon Activities

For students in first-fourth grades, Afternoon Activities is where they explore our history, science, and geography topics in a more creative way. Each afternoon, our students have a choice between three or four different activities in which to participate with a mixed-age group. They might choose “Making Tortillas” as part of our study of Central America, or “Design a Medieval Crest” as part of our study of the Middle Ages, or “Experiments with Water Pressure” as part of our study of Oceanography. In addition to these topical activities, we offer music, meditation, drama, outside games, and engineering challenge activities as part of our regular menu of Afternoon Activities.


We believe that in the right academic environment, younger students accomplish a great deal in school every day and need not be overburdened with additional work at home. We also believe in the importance of maintaining a balance between school and other activities, including time with family and friends, recreation, chores, service, and more. In our Lower School, homework expectations are minimal. We expect emergent and beginning readers to practice their skills at home with a parent each night. Adept readers are expected to expand their literacy by reading books of their choice outside of school and present regular book reports to their class.